Thursday, March 25


‘The unexamined life is not worth living’


I ask a lot of questions, not always aloud. That doesn’t necessarily imply I am nosy. There is a thin line between being inquisitive and being nosy; I am quite convinced I haven’t crossed the line.

The crests of the questions doing rounds in my head today are as follows:

Am I living?

Do I start the PoCo assignment now?

Wonder what mom’s doing now?

Why do guys like to pass comment on any passing girl, irrespective of the actual applicability/ inapplicability of the comments?

When will people stop asking questions about my relationship status and the further details? (you thought of it too, inn’ it! Darn I think it’s a universal human trait.)

What is difference between Bangla ‘KH’ and ‘TH’ (I always thought they look alike)?

Is love the ultimate power or is it the achievement of absolute self-sufficiency?

If it is love, then how come we give the Other the power over our entire existence so, to say?

Should I skip lunch again?

Do I aspire to suffer (coz I seem to be creative best in the said state) or for happiness / content for my life ahead (happiness is short lived, content could last longer … but there is always a smugness that hits me, or people in general, even in the short while it lasts)?

When the hell will I stop singing the song ‘sexomatic, sex-O-matic’ (DON’T ASK)?

Should I get a makeover?

Is it just me or I have actually been having some pretty aweso-ndary time lately, even in the sluggish hours that seem to pass me by?
Am I living , now?


Pesto Sauce said...

Valid questions...we all go through self-introspection

deekkyy said...

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deekkyy said...

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ag said...

I guess the only question worth asking is "Skip Lunch?" answer is always YES. Skip Lunch, period.

Amropali said...

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Amropali said...

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