Thursday, March 4

Quietly the sugar crystals fall in the hour-glass of my life

The lines on my palm = The threads of a web

The footsteps I leave behind = The make-up on a B-grade movie's C-grade heroine

The pillow on my bed = The absence of your presence

The cello-taped routine = container of  my chaotic life

The book lying by me = The world I escaped to last night

The phone-call I never made= The moment I want but can't realize

The posts that come out so often= The typed word that my thoughts so easily garb

The anklet I suddenly feel like wearing = The rhythm I want to bring back to your life

The blue that tints my toe nails = The hue that keeps me from you

The seconds I hear ticking = The dripping tears I can feel no more

shared with poets rally week 43 


Amropali said...

your words are very creative.

have fun.

Amropali said...

nice style

enjoyed the read

Amropali said...

Nominated 2 of your works in a contest! Hope you win!

Amropali said...

I got a mail from Bluebell books. Here is the link: ""

Amropali said...

Love the style. Great job!

Amropali said...

Nice juxtaposition of thoughts and images.