Thursday, January 20


Any relationship-quack would tell you that the main problem in the modern relationships is that  people are concerned more about what they get out of the relationship than caring about the other person’s need. So this note is a confession stating all the things I, should have, but didn't do.

  • I am sorry I was(however occasional) the band-aid on your wounds and never the gyrating Zandu Balm for your pain.
  • I am sorry I refused to be badnaam for you. Although I tried to be a an item, bomb and even an atom bomb, once in a while, I sincerely believe Munni does it much better.
  • I am sorry that I could not pull off the pious-Sita-meets-the-seductive-Shiela act too well.
  • I am sorry that I could never enter your heart through your stomach. The cooking lessons came a bit too late and getting a Subway made wasn't your idea of cooking.
  • I am sorry I was not much of a Juliet and decided to give death a pass even at the prospect of separation.
  • I am sorry I could not teach you chemistry in a hot, flowing in the wind-blowing-from-god-knows-where saree like a certain teacher you so fancy. You wanted lessons in how-not-be-a-jerk and I thought it too impossible a task.
  • I am sorry I couldn't get the message when you said 'tere mast mast do nain'. It only occurred to me later that you meant you couldn't take me seeing through the intentions of your heart.
  • I am sorry I couldn't be a good K-serial-esque waterfall-eyed loyalist and decided not to fight the tears that wouldn't come after exhausting the nth tissue box.
  • I am sorry I was I.

Wednesday, January 12

The cursed prisoner

Nestled into a well-hidden crevice on the other side of the window,
I wished, I longed, I waited to be talked to.
Blind to the words of love,faith and yearning written to me everyday, on the wall that held me a prisoner.

Maula Ali Shrine, Hyderabad

Monday, January 10

dear X sincerely me # 5

Dear people-who-like-spitting-big-words-around-ALL-THE-TIME,
 When you are not being graded/paid for them, keep it simple. You are not welcomed to be my unsolicited lexicon.No sir you are not.
 Sincerely, deaf to sesquipedalian buggers henceforth. 

Saturday, January 8

Unusually Unsaid Understanding Vol .III (Wings)

Mecca Masjid, Hyderabad of them perched on the cornices not flying, yet, but at peace with the wings that would have me fly through possibilities,  still undreamt .

Favourited Vol. VIII (Learning)

Uncle Ben: [to Group] What is learning, it's paying attention. It's opening you up to the big ball of shit that we call life. And what's the worst thing that could happen is you get bit in the ass. Well let me tell you my ass looks like hamburger meat, but i can still sit down.

Thursday, January 6

Unusually Unsaid Understanding Vol .II (Stairs)

Among the mapped out uncertainties and the vague certainties, the spiraling stairs lead to the , even if undesired and neglected, destinations.
Stairs, Charminar

p.s: the p.s here

Wednesday, January 5

Unusually Unsaid Understanding Vol .I (Windows)

This year, it's windows, if not breezy doors of opportunities.

Charminar, hyderabad
p.s: I am not much of a photographer, but I've been in a mood for pictures of late.
Caution- I might choose pictures over words in the next few posts.