Friday, May 31

The book Lover

After hundreds of books, thousands of plots, millions of emotions and one unforgettable lifetime spent with him; she wrote, with trembling fingers, the only words she could write to him, “I am the beginning, you are the end and we form the perfect middle. I love you."

Thursday, May 30

Words on Demand


So my friend challenged me to a micro-fiction duel. Here's my what I got:

Suggested word: Rust


The door creaked and he sneaked in. Inside, belying the musky smell of old age and overwhelming rust in the background, she uploaded a new radiant profile picture.

Suggested word: amazed

Author in Utopia

The clock did its work – it ticked. The pen did its work – it wrote.  The eyes did their work – they read.
The result did its work – it amazed.

Suggested word: inception

Open Endings

I fidgeted. I thought and thought again. I cursed. Finally, I knew how it ended. Then again, did I?
Exhausted, I yelled, “Fuck you Nolan! Fuck you Inception!”

Picked up a book and began following a new dream.

Suggested word: smoke

Amidst Samosas, Sweets and Settling

She let the butt drop, stubbed it. Smoke escaping through her nostrils, still, she got up. Fixing her pallu, said, " Beige, let's go give this guy his perfect bride." Beige followed, strutting like her, tail wagging. 

Suggested word: Lollipop

The Park

Dear X,

No I did not like the lollipop. I had a nightmare about it too.

I am telling mom



"I am in love with you because being me around you feels like the most natural thing to be. Marry me, maybe?" read the note which reached him 38 years too late.

Looking at his sleeping wife he thought how his life had been with her. A frown replaced the smile. A sigh.

Tuesday, May 28


Every now and then, I see
Hope gliding through my thoughts,
sometimes glib,
often unabshed.

I smile. 

When I am not too caught up;
with the intrigues of life,
I follow it around - idly;
A voyeur in my own head.

I frown.

And in some lucid moments,
I find, Less isn't too far off.
A stalker,
A necessary companion?

I give in.