Thursday, May 30

Words on Demand

So my friend challenged me to a micro-fiction duel. Here's my what I got:

Suggested word: Rust


The door creaked and he sneaked in. Inside, belying the musky smell of old age and overwhelming rust in the background, she uploaded a new radiant profile picture.

Suggested word: amazed

Author in Utopia

The clock did its work – it ticked. The pen did its work – it wrote.  The eyes did their work – they read.
The result did its work – it amazed.

Suggested word: inception

Open Endings

I fidgeted. I thought and thought again. I cursed. Finally, I knew how it ended. Then again, did I?
Exhausted, I yelled, “Fuck you Nolan! Fuck you Inception!”

Picked up a book and began following a new dream.

Suggested word: smoke

Amidst Samosas, Sweets and Settling

She let the butt drop, stubbed it. Smoke escaping through her nostrils, still, she got up. Fixing her pallu, said, " Beige, let's go give this guy his perfect bride." Beige followed, strutting like her, tail wagging. 

Suggested word: Lollipop

The Park

Dear X,

No I did not like the lollipop. I had a nightmare about it too.

I am telling mom