Thursday, September 23

quotes. Vol.II

'Paris Hilton: I'm a Hilton, I don't bow... but I do bend over. '
-Meet the Spartans.

Sunday, September 19

Memory Keeper

I stare into the eyes in the ripples of water
There is someone I know talking a stroll.

Let the ripples be, let the time crawl
'Mirror mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all?'

A thought might strike me and pass,
I let you be , I let you go , I let you move from now to past.

If I were to cherish every moment of my life. It would have become a history textbook and, quite frankly, historical compositions aren't always the most interesting reads one comes across.
What I cherish most is my forgetfulness, my laziness to capture every moment into a more concrete form, my indifference to to the fact that my life, as I see it, might one day be as gone as I would be.

Yet i also cherish the moments You remind me of,in one those moods of yours. I cherish the 'stories' almost unaware that I have once lived them myself.

i cherish you as my memory keeper and I wish it to be so till I am capable of creating them.

Friday, September 17

F.T.Qs #2

If I,without a doubt, hate something and still,once in a blue moon,indulge in it by choice,to see if I still hate it enough, while hating it as much, am I being disloyal to my hatred?

Wednesday, September 15

F.T.Qs #1

Frequently thought questions.

  • How madly in love/ mad/ pathetic are you if you your rebound guy is the ex you broke up with in the first place?