Monday, February 21

Muah Muah

Lips can speak a thousand words.
Lips can touch a thousand emotions.
Lips can touch a million senses.

Lips can bring back the kiss that was a guilt-free aweso-ndary indulgence, in the wee hours of closeness. The parting lips give out the sighing breaths at dawn break bringing back flashes of that magical moment when nothing else mattered. Cool breeze flowing through the window waking up the lips from a caged pout into a indebted smile.

Thursday, February 17

Rules for the next ride

Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary,kerela
You swept me off my feet.
I'm carrying a parachute, not so thrilled about the fall.

Butterflies in my stomach
Let them fly off to flutter somewhere new, somewhere not as unloved.

The nice words, the wishing well,
The plagiarized letter,the plunked hope.

The sighs, the wait.
The impatience, the habit.

The beating heart
Fear, not love.

The Faller in love
You, NOT me.

Monday, February 14

Unusually Unsaid Understanding Vol .IV (Unanchored)

Shankhamukham Beach, kerela

 Unanchored and free, I. Unaware of the lostness within the waves, the tiredness of the oars, restlessness of the hands, searchness in the eyes. Unanchored and free, We.

Monday, February 7

Balloons and butterflies

Each morning, I wake up with the enthusiasm of a 6 year old, happy with life, with a desire to 'live today'; only to be disappointment and worn out by the unavoidable web of judgments by end of the day.


each morning, I wake up with the enthusiasm of a 6 year old, happy with life, with a desire to 'live today'.

Sunday, February 6

This is not how things are supposed to be

Tearless saddened kerchief
Dessert-less hearty feast.

Unused lying gift-wrap
Quiet like a bee.

Blind fingers in a darkroom
Hoping for a switch.

Unseen in the mirror
Fresh new socks without the wriggly toes.

Bludgeoned into a corner
Sprinting like a wheel.