Thursday, December 30

And the prize goes to...

There are times when I feel exceedingly grateful for being born in an age where communication is the way it is. The miscommunications, the non-communications, and the missed-communication have their silver linings too.

Although, at times I want to bleed words in a hope that someone/something would notice and take the pains to just take a moment and just try. The result, might most often be failure but at least the I deserved the time and the effort. And then, there are times when something inside me refuses to bare it all, refuses to be a like a goldfish trapped in a glass-bowl without any hope for an escape or even a compensatory privacy. If I can't have the right to be understood, I should at least have the freedom for absolute privacy. There can be nothing more humiliating than being a thing of display but a subject of indifference.

In the few secretive moments of wishful clairvoyance, I see myself standing farther than the sound, the light, the tough, the smell I want myself to be engulfed in right now and I am thankful for the content smile that escapes the lips wet my the dripping tears of an overnight chore.

 It is for the likes of the following that I know that this year (2010) and life in general has been kind to me:

'You know why I like you coz you are you. coz you aren't the average simple girl.coz you are complex and that speaks to me dozens than your one simple smile. I like the way of putting yourself, the  simplicity of your being. The way you have a great style and the mindlessness and random gibberish you talk and think. It is not about whether your thoughts are high or not but has get depth. I like you coz you are you. It's not that complex you know...loving you, I mean.'

p.s: 1) thanx PGB 
2) I am aware that the week-long challenge has failed, owing to some technical difficulties. I am off desserts since yesterday.12 more days to go. T_T

Sunday, December 26


(week long challange day 4)

Aiyoo, yours truly is facing a lot of technical hindrances. Unavailabity of web access,is the most pressing one.

So, i'l make this one short and if not sweet like polo.Here are a few options and my choices:
- dairy or sherry --> dairy
- j or g --> j (i know not why)
- onion or garlic --> garlic (not necessarily because its cheaper)
- spring or winter --> winter
-shiela or munni --> munni (hands down)

Saturday, December 25

favourited Vol. VIII (Laughter)



(week-long challenge day-3)

Elsewhere, I'd have hummed a new picture
Lest I fall pray to a callous consternation
Slip my fingers into the ripples there...
Elsewhere, I'd not have fallen to reach to myself 
Was it she who teared so like me,lost like me?
Having given in to the disorganized Now,
Elsewhere, I'd have chuckled away a few naive moments
Right under the purple glazed sky,
Elsewhere, I'd have lived to die again another time.

p.s: 1) the words from the word-list have been italicized.
2) I know it seems like only 4 out of 5 required words have been used, then again see the 5th one on the list.


Thursday, December 23

Concentrically challenged


I had an Inception -esque idea yesterday.
For the want of a better post, I am forced to put it up as today's post(I love my dessert way too much).

I am already two days into this self-imposed challenge of posting here, at least once a day, for a week.

I thought why not make it a tad more interesting and take up a challenge within the challenge.

Challenge -II
The objective is to use a select set of words in all the posts for the remaining days in the week long Challenge.

Now I would have liked to have a list formed by reader's choice and suggestion but considering the time is too short between this post and the next(which has to come out by midnight tomorrow), I'd make a small list on my own:
  • chuckle
  • elsewhere
  • sugar-momma
  • not/naught/knot
  • (NOT using the word) Love
  • de facto
  • disorganized
  • gOOgle
  • sherry
Readers' suggestions:
  • polo
  • aiyoo
  • consternation

  1. Since the list of words to be used is too long. Lets say, we add a lower limit. I have to use at least 5 words out of the aforementioned word list in each post.

P.s: readers' suggestions are most welcome, provided they make it interesting.

Wednesday, December 22



I am not much of a tweet-er but here's my take on some of the trends that caught my fancy today:

  • #lastminutegifts - bad memory+ late realization +a deeper hole in the pocket out of guilt + inadequate effect on the recipient. Advice: one might want to pack it brilliantly for an initial 'wow' effect, which would most likely be followed by 'Oh! Its nice(I-don't-know-how-else-to-hide-my-disappointment)!' effect.

  • #ihavenorespect- for someone who doesn't finish all the dessert on their plates.
  • #icanttakeyouseriously- if you try too hard to make me take you seriously.
  • solstice-  comes just four days after 18th dec(see no. 8 )
  • Onions-  like them cooked- burnt, fried, curried, pickled, irrespective of the price they might be sold at.
  • #stacheswaggin - no ^&^% idea what that means but me likes the way it sounds.
  •  Comic Sans- all time favourite font, hands down. Elegant but fun!
  • #dearex - remember how I used to say those three special words all the time? Well, I've got three new words for you, 'Screw you, B**CH!' sincerely, I've moved on.
  • #dontgosmack- If you thought you were being real smart but ended up seeming #dumber than usual.
  • dumber - All I've got to say is I wish I could tag people for this one.

Tuesday, December 21

When grey matter turns fuschia

Sickened by the -ism binge in the past couple of months, I had decided to put on the rosy glasses again.

To think without prejudice, caused mostly by the 'knowledge' that I had willingly/otherwise forced down my throat, was the plan.

Ideal situation: I was getting paid and appreciated for every word I DID NOT write(/think). The more I did not write(/think), the more appreciation and money came my way, and I spent every penny I did not earn by writing(/thinking) to increase the amount of writing(/thinking) I did not do. I worked indefatigably from dawn to dusk at not writing(/thinking) anything worthwhile.

But I guess the damage has been irreparably done and I failed, quite pathetically, I must add.

Plan B? To get back to whatever I was supposed to be doing, avoiding the implementation of any creative ideas for escape that might creep in now and then.

I freaking failed again!! (yes, quite pathetically, I shall add!)

 The more I wanted to write(/think) the  more I could not.

Plan C? I, hereby, take up a week-long challenge! To post here everyday at least once for the next seven days failing which I shall not indulge myself in dessert of any sort for a fortnight!

gray matters

Sunday, December 19

favourited Vol. VII (now and then)

"well I was born probably about 6-8 years ago , over by that tree and I remember, things (have) changed a lot. In those days in Madagascar it wasn't so commercial, you know. There wasn't all about money and about who's got the latest tree and what leaves are you wearing and who's got the latest fur on their back, you know. In those days it was just me and couple you you others, you know, doing the jungle boogie..."
simple wants
-King Julian, Madagascar