Tuesday, December 21

When grey matter turns fuschia

Sickened by the -ism binge in the past couple of months, I had decided to put on the rosy glasses again.

To think without prejudice, caused mostly by the 'knowledge' that I had willingly/otherwise forced down my throat, was the plan.

Ideal situation: I was getting paid and appreciated for every word I DID NOT write(/think). The more I did not write(/think), the more appreciation and money came my way, and I spent every penny I did not earn by writing(/thinking) to increase the amount of writing(/thinking) I did not do. I worked indefatigably from dawn to dusk at not writing(/thinking) anything worthwhile.

But I guess the damage has been irreparably done and I failed, quite pathetically, I must add.

Plan B? To get back to whatever I was supposed to be doing, avoiding the implementation of any creative ideas for escape that might creep in now and then.

I freaking failed again!! (yes, quite pathetically, I shall add!)

 The more I wanted to write(/think) the  more I could not.

Plan C? I, hereby, take up a week-long challenge! To post here everyday at least once for the next seven days failing which I shall not indulge myself in dessert of any sort for a fortnight!

gray matters


Paulami said...

and now i see you shunning me too in the net pedestal? or not?

reply wanted!!!

-desperate net examine!

Amropali said...

there are higher, greater, funner things than the NET atleast for the moment.