Monday, March 22

What goes around comes around

On a Monday, I sleep through a long class.
On a Tuesday, I walk bare-feet on the grass.
On a Wednesday, I dance to a funny tune.
On a Thursday, I wish it won’t be a hot June.
On a Friday, I am a loner in the buzz
On a Saturday, I spit forth some cuss’

On a Sunday, I got the big ol’ rewind button on.

On the Monday next, I take copious notes.
On the Tuesday next, I put on some new shoes.
On the Wednesday next, I sit down still for hours.
On the Thursday next, I am gorging down ice-cream bars.
On the Friday next, I put on my party dress on.
On the Saturday next I hum a sweet sweet song.

On the Sunday next, it’s same rewind button on.


Bitter God said...

nice 'un... rewind and replay...

Pratibha The Talent said...

wonderfully told the vicious circle of monday to sunday

Amropali said...

@pratibha- thanx.^_^
*sigh* monday again...