Wednesday, March 3

When Poli is pissed

I have opinions and when I care, which most of the times don't(I believe in the 'live and let live' theory), I get effected/affected, depending on the severity of the situation. I have issues with injustice and phoneys.Most the times I avoid them for i don't want to be a crusader against such unfortunate dimwits.However, if , god forbid, you manage to get me angry. I'd give you the worst two minutes(yeah, that's how long I can keep my angry cap on) of your life.
I'd shout, I'd give you arguments you wouldn't even think existed and then I'd storm off to have some good food to get back my sanity and my chirpy self(which I love more than my angry self,, for obvious reasons).I sometimes wonder why I got the short-temper genes from my mom instead of the super cool hair or  2-inches-taller-than-me genes. :-?

I happened to have a great dinner tonight.


Dej@vu said...

the dinner was amazing for all i know..

Jon said...

genes can be really cruel…

But I guess it’s good to be reactive even if not pro active