Thursday, November 11

Urban gyaan -I

I sometimes marvel at the infinite hope that student, all over the world and in all generations, have that a miracle would suddenly decide to do what they themselves didn't do for days/weeks/months - finish their assignments or study for the exam - on the morning of the D-day!

I say hope because it can't simply be a case of over-confidence or sheer indifference. I reject the first because most of us are smart enough to know that our IQ hasn't gone up exponentially in a matter of a few hours to able to finish the work required in a couple of hours. Second, it can't be indifference because even when we are lazing around, watching movies, dozing off every 3 hours, going out for coffee/brunch/dinner(we gotta eat, in'it?) or even just lying down staring at the ceiling, it is work that we are thinking about. Coming up with schedules, plans A, B and X to not only finishing the work on time but to do it so well that we'd get outstanding grades for sure.

Polithinks: Hope is the mother of procrastination.


P@ul@mi said...

i guess that is where ctrl c and ctrl v comes for :P :P

Amropali said...

By heartfelt gratitude to the inventors of the web.

xyzandme said...

Mahn! All the blogs am hopping to are reminding me of my upcoming exams ..
* goes back to books *