Tuesday, November 9

Walking in Someone Else's Shoes

She's had a bad day since morning. Cold, fever and thousand tiny chores. She craved for a good meal.

Flips open the phone

*type type type*

'Lunch date? My treat. I know u r busy but don't say no to amazing food and a surprise date with a hot (quoting u) girl! ^_^'


*wait wait wait*

*no reply*

thinks-Now I know what it feels like to get ignored when you ask someone out.
Empathy for all the guys I've rejected in my lifetime. I like to walk in my heels better than their shoes. *sulk sulk*


She opens the text which reads- 'Someone else found your text mysteriously. This is Chuck Norris inviting you to join him for dinner tonight.'

thinks- 'I definitely love walking in my shoes!!'

The (Happy) End

p.s: 1)the story isn't complete without the link attached.
2) I am not really a pro at coming up with PJs. I am trying nonetheless.


P@ul@mi said...

yup chuck norris is all over fb :P and no one stopped from trying. either ways you have a lunch date with me 2moro :P :P

Amropali said...

^That is why I said I love strutting in my shoes!!

Sudipto Sarkar (Xtreme) said...

Don't be sad. You're really good at PJs.. At first I thought this was a serious post...