Wednesday, December 23

Is life that filmy?

I seem to be, lately, closely surrounded by filmy characters or normal day-to-day characters stuck in a filmy scene.
# 1-->This is somebody who (is still a good friend) is a self confessed Casanova (I, too, dated him for a while back in school! ha!) and all he does now that he has left the country is (as far as the conversations reveal is) booze, screw, screw while boozing, booze while screwing and sleep (with or without people) and other unmentionable stuff. Back in school i thought of him as someone who's just insecure about his identity and his effects on people and hence his antics and certain eccentricities; that the 'cool', the 'hip', the 'spoilt- brat’ who believes in bonhomie with every Tom, Dick and Harry was just a passing phase and frankly my view about him hasn't changed much since the school days.
 #2 --> This one is a fake. The fakest of the best fakers in the world and the worst part is this person is shrewd enough to make you indebted to her with all kind of sweet things and then when she gets on your nerves with all the 'closeness' and intrusion, you can't really behave badly coz how can you do that to such a 'sweet person' right!! Female, what’s with all the hugs and kisses all the time (I am not your best friend and no, i will never be.) I mean this is not one of those socialite parties right? And what’s with all the fake emotions EVERY SINGLE MOMENT! You know you can't please everybody and you certainly don't please me. I would really really like you (cross my heart and hope to die) if you are a bit, you know, a tiny winy itsy bitsy bit genuine.
 # 3--->Ok, this one is a winner. But I should tell you I have no qualms against her nor am I judging her on any moral grounds. I am simply amazed at the absolutely bollywoodish circumstances she manages to surround herself with all the time. First up she was part of this love triangle, which later transpired into this non-regular polygon with a lot of ‘obtuse angles’ and some of the members in this polygon even branched out late till she actually got out of it to get into something more bizarre. Next she manages to fall in love with a married man (a guy with who she was in love with since the last ‘oh-I-don’t-know’ years and who was forced by his mother to get married) met him a couple of times after that in a city some 1500 km away from home in a hope that he will divorce his wife to be married to her when she is ready (after her degrees etc), Eventually, he dumps her, this time for good. Forward a few days after this, she’s travelling alone in train. There is a family of 5 in her section- parents, a son and a maid. It’s time to sleep now (the guy is sleeping in the berth above her). He tries to touch her hand several times. She gets irritated and furious. The next thing you know, they are exchanging mobile phones with their typed messages ball night long(there’s no network to actually text each other).She says she could feel the guy is a good man and hence instead of insulting him publically she was a thing or two about what amounts to harassment personally over messages. The present status, it’s been five months since the incident and they have been seeing each other for four.
My take: anything’s fair in love and war. I didn’t know this ‘anything’ could be so filmy and at such proximity.
# 4-- > This is a good friend with certain mannerisms which we openly make fun of, all the time. His accent...well let’s just say, it’s not usual. Sings beautifully, is of mild disposition, likes to show off a bit, is a sort of a star in his area of work, has bad hair and apparently is hit with girls. I don’t know why I am including him in this list; He’s not really that filmy if you compare him with the others in this list. The only very filmy thing in his life is, now thankfully ‘was’, his (ex) girl friend. She seems to be just out of the movies (not the heroine but the vamp). I’ve not met the lady but have heard enough (and many times) about her to know that any ‘Poison Ivy’ and ‘Komolika’ would feel incompetent in front of her.
Phew!! That was just four characters and I haven’t really been able to do justice to the characters. I am tired already and feel an immense need to watch movies back-to-back (so much for the word ‘filmy’).
Well, I assure you when I say my life is full of filmy characters I mean FULL of filmy characters. Let’s make this article part-1 of the many (and more intriguing) parts to come. For now I’d close. And if any of you know You're included in the list, don't ask me to verify.coz I AM NOT TELLING. I have a social life to save. :) peace.