Thursday, December 10

On a hopeful note

I can be a cry baby, like any other girl, especially when I am not well; and that consequently has the potential to make me a pain in people’s necks. This is the time when I not only want but demand attention and if, God forbid, I don’t get it, starts the brooding and cribbing. I am, at present, down with a cold and am a bit feverish. Now, I am back home for the holidays and have been getting a lot of, sometime insufferable, attention, I am actually in want of some alone time. But knowing my history, my folks, the indulging sweethearts that they are, haven’t left my sight even a second for the past two days.
It’s funny. I keep laughing by myself and I can’t really share the joke with them, fearing the fact that if I tell them and the next time I am down they make this the new “history” and leave me alone when I really want the ‘princess treatment’.
Hopeful for some alone time (without having to explain things) ; hopeful of feeling better by sundown today; hoping to finish reading the book that I’ve been trying to finish since the last couple of days but been falling off to sleep within 5 minutes of starting(not the book, it’s the weather!); hopeful to get something more worthwhile to write my next post on.
Until later.