Wednesday, March 23

To my dearest birthday girl

We walked through the springs and purple summers,
Playing ring-a-ring-a-roses with many hands.
But found each other at sudden moments of shared aloneness.

We were here, there, everywhere.
Breakfast,lunch and dinner...spices and desserts.
Through Kundru(s)and pav bhajis, subways and hics!

Knocks on the early morning sleepy doors.
Walks replaced by other dear ones.
Closing up chapters of lives as allies in crimes.

Closing years are still to arrive!
The fun-ning dance and the eff-ing yum guy.
You and I, a repeat, only you and I.


p.s: 1) you know I am not a poet.
2) Tried. sorry for the lameness. I don't do 'happy' too well.
3) Happy birthday, my dear girl. <3


Amropali said...

thanks love :)
yes you kept your promise
loved it :*

Amropali said...

nicely written