Saturday, October 16

A project long overdue

Its weird the way we take so much pain to get to one class and so much more to bunk another. Whatever the case, when I am sitting in a classroom, by choice or compulsion, I experience these sporadic, yet as Barney Stinson would say, ‘full of awesomeness’  moments where a word, a phrase or an idea just hits me, and sometimes hits me hard. That is when I know the class was a success, whether or not the syllabus has been covered or I have learnt something ‘useful’, is secondary.
To draw a conclusive balance-sheet of what I have picked up from my classes here is a mini-statement of few of my classes last semester (yeah I took the liberty of getting myself a half a year  extension) . I might have forgotten the context, the exact words nonetheless the idea stays:
  •   Okay, so here we were at 9am, Friday morning, learning big Greek words and bigger ideas propounded by Aristotle, and in spite of all of them being thrown in my direction…the only phrase that hits me(not that I am not listening to the rest) is ’mad elephant emotions’. Now, it wouldn’t be too wrong to say that I have my fair share of emotional effusion. So the natural pull.
  • There are good people and then there are God-people. Here speaks the great Prof: ‘People, here, have been too obsessed with God to care much about good.  ’
  • Where is the pursuit of the ‘impossible beauty of human thought’,  is the question I leave the class with.
  •    One can have epic dreams but might, as it happens in more often than not, they might end up caught up in a domestic destiny. Whatever happens inside at least the household can be high up. I quote, “If you aim for the stars, you’ll at least reach the terrace.”
  •  “At some point of your life you have to disobey, man!!”

  •    “Some people who do just acts are not necessarily just”

  •    ‘MBA students have no mind.’(It’s all about the mumbo jumbo of following rules after rule. Nothing new ever spring out of that lot.)[Ahem]

  •   A quest and the eternal hope for something new and interesting keeps a healthy mind going. So, the phrase here “contented pigs/ discontented Socrates”

  •    At any given instance we are dramatizing who we are.
  •  Life will invariably throw you in situations you don’t want to be in.
  •    The meaning of life is not at the end, it is throughout.
  •   Everything we do is for once.

  •    ‘Life is a perpetual preparation for something that never happens’