Monday, October 4

Cleverly Disguised As A Responsible Adult.

I have a strong Dee Dee instinct and it worries me sometimes.
All the forbidden buttons seem to attract my curiosity and fan my urge.

People keep telling me things that I shouldn't do, the things that I tell myself I shouldn't do, not for the nth time at least. But I still end up indulging my whim to see if things would be different this time around.

the stupid cow disease
But i am stuck. Its like watching your favourite movie over and over again. Except its not a good-favourite. Its just a pathetic obsession. There is no happy ending or happily-ever-afters.You keep expecting things would turn out differently with the characters involved so they are not heart broken/killed/handicapped/reduced to useless no-ones by the events in the plot. You know nothing would change, yet you sit through it hoping, till it ends up disappointing and disturbing you again, getting ready to give it another run.

I ,apparently,take a different route/approach each time but they all seem to send me to the same place. 'I am stuck' is the thought of the day.
eternal recurrence is a bitch