Wednesday, June 30

suddenly I am popular!

Well, I don't give a tiny,sicklt rat's ass to all this I am happy in the blissful(although temporary state) that I am now.. but what irks me is when I am content.. strange events pull me backwards. this might not be the exact words but this is the gist of all the conversations that I had with 3 of my friends(only one of them an EX!):
'if i m wid u ....i hav no problems wid long distance relationship...but the thing is dat i can trust u..can we be together?' wtf!!
Just because i am true to a person doesn't mean they make me their resort. Its like saying, i have given every other girl a chance and they all failed to keep a relationship going, but I think I it's your lucky day lady, coz we've been friends I know you, you are the perfect girl, I should have been with you from the beginning in the first place.
Well, if that is the case, you missed it boys. I have screwed my life with a wrong choice and i will stick to it and try and make it 'the best choice' even if 'wrong'.

Tuesday, June 8

Good vs Happy

A wise-ass Rabbi said  "The happiest people I know are people who don't even think about being happy. They just think about being good neighbors, good people. And then happiness sort of sneaks in the back window while they are busy doing good." 

Poli says 
" In today's world, either u are good or u r happy. the happiest people I know today are the people who dont care about bad and good and just act according to the situation. I on the other hand am not happy.what i am, is content with my choices.

Oh by the way, I know its a cliche but I believe that there is no black or white in a person. there is always a mix - always GRAY- and the hue differs with the degree of good or bad. 

Purple is the new gray for me. 

Poli is proudly purple. more to the lighter shade she would like to believe(and some would like to vouch).