Wednesday, June 30

suddenly I am popular!

Well, I don't give a tiny,sicklt rat's ass to all this I am happy in the blissful(although temporary state) that I am now.. but what irks me is when I am content.. strange events pull me backwards. this might not be the exact words but this is the gist of all the conversations that I had with 3 of my friends(only one of them an EX!):
'if i m wid u ....i hav no problems wid long distance relationship...but the thing is dat i can trust u..can we be together?' wtf!!
Just because i am true to a person doesn't mean they make me their resort. Its like saying, i have given every other girl a chance and they all failed to keep a relationship going, but I think I it's your lucky day lady, coz we've been friends I know you, you are the perfect girl, I should have been with you from the beginning in the first place.
Well, if that is the case, you missed it boys. I have screwed my life with a wrong choice and i will stick to it and try and make it 'the best choice' even if 'wrong'.


Pesto Sauce said...

These days I am contemplating making a choice but am afraid for have never done this before...guess being in a reationship can be two-edged sword

Amropali said...

yeah.At one point it is like oxygen.
It stops being the lifeline and becomes the source of the blast!

p.s: I am not trying to discourage u.
:) keep writing. see how it goes.

rachit said...

relationships can be weird sometimes and in mine case they are always......