Tuesday, February 23

A list

  • I am bored of hearing my voice.I am bored of my ideas and my thoughts.
  • I am bored of the colour green.
  •  I am bored of all things 'meaningful', 'right' and 'good'.
  •  I am bored with all the frigging games and all the applications that apparently keep my mind off of all things depressing.
  •  I am bored of thinking about food to keep my head from exploding.
  • I am bored of having to oil my hair every other to day coz the weather here is so fucking dry.
  • I am bored of using the same shampoo for  'oil my hair every other to day coz the weather here is so fucking dry.'
  • I am bored of the setting in my room.
  • I am bored of the internet.
  •  I am bored of the goddamn feelings that take up so much of my time.
  • I am bored of my toothbrush(I want one with purple and black stripes on it)
  • I m bored of speaking the languages that I speak.
  • i am bored of the stretch of road that connects my hostel to the mess.
  • I am bored of the of all the 'days' (valentine's day, rose day, teddy day, hug day, kiss day...somebody even wished me a 'happy condom day'!!! wtf..I didn't know Archies and the likes have turned into friggin' drugstores. :-/)
  • I am bored of not finishing my assignments on time.
  • I am bored of having to answer my phone and the door.
  • I am bored of the girl next door, trying to, ever-so-generously, entertain me with a free show of her 'koochi-ku' sessions every evening in front of my door.
  •  I am bored of  thinking and attempting to solve supposed-existential problems.
  • I am bored of seeing my fingers type.
  • I am bored of trying to 'live'.
  • I am bored of the menu of my favourite dine-ins/take-aways.
  • I am bored of all the cliches and more.


anwesha said...

at least u r not bored of existing.
thank god!

Amropali said...

I am bored not terminally depressed

Dej@vu said...

you just marked your living by enlisting your boredom, existing will be another matter

unknwn self said...

poor gal.....

Pesto Sauce said...

Sometimes boring is exciting

Amropali said...

boring was at one point exciting.

Neeraja said...

a l ate comment i know, but never the less, i so know wat u r talking abt. i agree vth almost everything on the list!! And now, i am bored of boredom!!! :S

Amropali said...

u'll get over it once u make a list(din work for me but I am suggesting something to do to fight it).:P

Harish said...

List of things that you are not bored of would be easier to type and read.

Amropali said...

but sadly boredom is the mood of moment.