Sunday, February 28

Blog's makeover

A passing dream suddenly forced me to change things around here in the blog. Not that I got bored of the template or anything. I particularly loved where my words hung. The colour purple- a dark yet mellow hue which calmed me yet stirred a mood in me which although not the happiest but brought out the best in me; the forest which seemed like an deep abysmal unearthly world of my thoughts gave me more and more to think and explore in the depths of my mind.

But today while on my forced(had to avoid the assignment) afternoon nap I saw myself being sucked into this world, not how I usually am- quite willingly- but in a sort of hypnotic way where I hadn't any power either to think on my own let alone resist. I had, in a way, created a Frankensteinian world, which as I knew had a life and personality of its own, was now developing ulterior motives as well. the colour didn't seem as calming and the air felt sinister.As if soomething that I have made an integral part of my life has been the reason which kept me from advancing for the better, as if it not only checked but also steered my thoughts in a direction which I should have changed a long time back, as if it made me prisoner of my own self.

 So here I am with a very different visual something that is not exactly me- but i guess that is the whole point. Its been only 5 mins since I have changed it and I am already warming up to it. The fonts, the colours, the ideas , the words although not antithetical would continue to represent 'me' in a different shade- hopefully better.


Pesto Sauce said...

This looks better

Amropali said...


ag said...

THIS PLAIN SUCKS - says "a designer who know it all"

Amropali said...

THIS PLAIN SUCKS - says "a designer who know it all"