Monday, May 23

Happily ever after

Like any other muse she was a mystery.
Like any other beloved she was pedestaled.
Like any other masterpiece she was written in an unknown foreign language.

Like any other creator he was bemused.
Like any other beholder he was glued.
Like any other reader he was lost and content.

This is their eternal story.


Amropali said...


Amropali said...

 sweet !

Amropali said...

 thts beautiful!!! very few words!! but very deep!! with lots of hidden meanings...i love to read such thoughts!! simple and small..yet very deep :)

Amropali said...


I like to keep things simple. 
You dont always have to make things sound profound if they are deep. 

Amropali said...

 "Like any other beloved she was pedestaled."
Beautiful......loved it........*sigh*

Amropali said...

Simply put- No drama- message well conveyed!

Like it!! :)