Thursday, May 26

The Cry of the buzzing neurons

Tu es belle, they say.

Wake up one day and walk away,
Done with all the weighing and thinking
'To love or lie? or leave?'

Head turned into a glorified waste,
Senses as useful as fused light bulbs,
The speech-bubbles over my head
rubbed off with a cheap eraser.
Eyes, the rolling eyes of a, once-friendly, doll.

Dreams are a measure of time.
Nightmares, time itself.
Undo the future for me,
for I seem to be undone by time.

Wake up one day and walk away.
Every blink, every sigh crushed under your steps.
If the choices are
to lie or to leave...
Pray, leave me now and
At least leave me beautiful.

Thanx for the award. I nominate Deepti from 'Mine'
PS : I have posted this story under the topic "What does Real Beauty mean to you?" for Yahoo! Real Beauty.
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Amropali said...

i love your poems!! elusive and deep!! i read through the poem few times to get the deeper meaning...and every time i read gives me a new meaning!!! this is what i call the beauty of words!! you have it!!
to love or lie? or leave !! 

Amropali said...

Thanks for the award acceptance.

Amropali said...

"Undo the future for me,
for I seem to be undone by time."

Amropali said...

loved the closing lines ' leave me now and at least leave my beautiful'! even i read the poem twice to find myself getting a broader perspective the second time! well written...good luck for d contest :)

Amropali said...

leave me beautiful... beautiful poem.. here is a heart expressing what does true beauty means
Someone is Special

Amropali said...

Beautiful poem..I loved the depth in it explained in such a fantastic poetic way! Great work:)

Here's my take on beauty -

Take care:)