Monday, February 21

Muah Muah

Lips can speak a thousand words.
Lips can touch a thousand emotions.
Lips can touch a million senses.

Lips can bring back the kiss that was a guilt-free aweso-ndary indulgence, in the wee hours of closeness. The parting lips give out the sighing breaths at dawn break bringing back flashes of that magical moment when nothing else mattered. Cool breeze flowing through the window waking up the lips from a caged pout into a indebted smile.


Defiant Princess said...

like that :)

Following you now
Defiant Princess

PsycheBubbles said...

like! :)))

Neeraja said...

Beautifully written! And true!!!

reetam said...

hee hee.
this one was pretty.
just. pretty. :)