Friday, January 8

I sing to ME

Woke up groggy from sleep. It took a moment for me figure out where i am.I was on the sofa having fallen asleep watching TV last night. The cushions didn't do good for my neck. Could hear mom shouting at my brother for 'sleeping like a bum when u should be half buried in ur books'. It felt too distant, like i was just a ghost, other-worldly, unattached and an unwilling observer to the events taking place.

Washed my face, my eyes stuck to the image I could see in the mirror. 'Its me', I thought.

Then i sang(i did mention that I sing terribly in my last blog post, didn't I?) this funk-rap ballad to 'Me'

'Y do u follow me so...[B***H]

(chorus)ahh yeah

Its not always about ME s'times its about 'me' too...

U never let me be alone [B***H] 
Follow me to every movie I go to,
followin' me to my classes
to my sleep
to my bad, to my good times
followin' me even to my solitude
(chorus)Ahh yeauuh!!
I never had a moment to myself, how i wish I could

(chorus)Dawg ahh ha
Witness me holla at a hoochie, even in a bloody dream!!
leave me alone, Ma head screams out 
It's just my luck I'm stuck with f**kin ME all the time, uh!


Bitter God said...

sing a song of sixpence
a pocketful of rye
four and twenty blackbirds made up a pie...

Amropali said...

When the pie was opened,
The birds began to sing;
Wasn't that a dainty dish,
To set before the king?

unknwn self said...


Bitter God said...

the king was in the counting house
counting all his money
the queen was in her parlour
eating bread and honey...

Pesto Sauce said...

Slept on sofa?? I never done that

Amropali said...

try it, preferably in winter