Thursday, November 5

to answer the question of the day - "do i have a reason to celebrate?"

It does seem like i do- i have all my body parts in working condition, m (will be in a months or so) on the brighter side of 20's, m in my dream campus studying my favorite subject, have a wonderful family,have great people around me taking pains to see that i finish my assignments on time,have a room all to myself(errmm.. i do share it with a couple -Mrs and Mr. Mouse) and my privacy....

yet, a question reverberates in my mind:  - "do i have a reason to celebrate?"

I have decided to stop paying heed to this and celebrate...
I will celebrate the lies I am being told, I will celebrate the hypocrisy around me, I will celebrate the sickness that life seems to have become,i will celebrate the absence of love in my heart
, i will celebrate the painful memory that it has become. i will celebrate the petty ends that precede me in the hearts of people who matter, i will celebrate the tears that sometimes grace me with their presence so that i don't feel lonely, i will celebrate all the reasons that are in the making...and will be added in the present list.

Like i said in the beginning i am a true Indian when it comes to celebrating....i proudly continue to be one.