Thursday, November 5

do i find peace in others' pain?

heard of someone's memory of pain last night and it made me wonder - throughout the night, all through my classes n right down to this second - is it possible to feel safe -even if relatively- knowing that someone else has gone through a bigger ordeal, a greater pain , a more crushing experience than yours? Do i rejoice the fact that I had been put through a lot less by life/fate(and maybe IT likes me better!! :P) or do i wonder why the pain that had overwhelmed me and flooded my life with its presence is so small in comparison and the fact that if this had the power to crush me...what would have happened if i would have to go through all of that and more....

will i have the strength come out alive? Should i , in fear, withdraw myself from experience that have any possibility of  bringing forth such fate on me? or should i go out carefree to see if at all any thing of this sort happens would i survive and if it doesn't well, then it'd be a good thing b'cause I'd , at least , have the experience right!

trying to switch off my mind and flow with the wind...or maybe try  n finish the bloody assignments i have to submit in a day's time.

if only i thought about them with such ardour I'd have higher grades and happier parents!!