Thursday, May 24


Note: The following are 5 incidents of    at first sight.

The Message
They walked through the congested lanes hand in hand. Picking up random books and smelling through the old stained pages, cursing their empty pockets. 

At one of those nondescript stores, on one of those pre-owned binds, in awkward but sincere letters, the couple read, with choked breaths and unmoving eyes:

“This note was supposed to be the beginning of a great love story. But I just learnt that you don’t read. Not that this book is not your favorite book. But that your eyes can only see darkness and from today so can my heart. ” 

The Assassin
And through his steady sniper scope, he could see his victim. Shortly, she would be shot and kill him forever. For in an instant, his heart chose to love, he chose to kill.

She, Years Later
Days of anxious preparations were, finally, coming to an end. A few more words and the ‘much awaited’ would be over. The unveiled new bride glanced through the room in sheer excitement of the moment.

Their eyes might have met then. Someone somewhere regrets that evening to this day.
It wasn't him.

The Rescue
I was drenched and hoping for the incessant rain to subside. It wasn’t a pleasant wait under the park bench. Something caught my attention. Distinct heavy footsteps were closing in. I turned around to see you already bent down, eyes teeming with adoration, arms moving towards me.
The rest is history. We were meant to be inseparable. It’s not for nothing that they call dogs man’s best friend.

The Dream Girl
For the last three weeks, since the first time I saw you in that art gallery, I have lost all desires to live life as I had known it before. All that I could do was to hope that you would at least come to see the artist’s rendition of yourself on the canvas. The art gallery became my necessary haunt.

Today, I met the artist. Today, I learnt that the woman of my dreams rose from the artist’s imagination. That he owned you before I could. That he would, forever. And I… would only behold.